Kagan Stern Partner Presents to Different Business Groups

May 10, 2024

     Kagan Stern Partner, Stephen Stern, frequently speaks on a variety of topics to business groups.  Last month, he had the privilege of addressing two different groups where he discussed multiple legal issues.

     On April 10, 2024, during the National Business Institute’s Business Contract Litigation Boot Camp, Mr. Stern gave virtual presentations on Non-Compete Agreements and Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements.  The presentation on non-compete agreements identified strategic and legal issues to consider when implementing non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, such as defining particular terms, identifying legitimate protectable business interests, multi-jurisdictional considerations, as well as considerations regarding the FTC ban on non-compete agreements (which, at the time of the presentation remained only a proposed rule).  The other presentation addressed confidentiality agreements and steps businesses should take to identify and help protect their trade secrets and other confidential business information.

     On April 22, 2024, Mr. Stern gave a live presentation in Richmond, Virginia, at the HR Virginia SHRM State Council Annual State Conference entitled, “How Should Employers Handle the Protests Concerning the Middle East Conflict?”  Mr. Stern’s presentations addressed ways to identify potential liability (see prior post here) and steps that can be taken to help avoid potential claims if issues concerning the Middle East conflict arise in the workplace. 

     You can learn more about Kagan Stern here and Stephen Stern here.