Kagan Stern Partner Presents to Different Business Groups

November 21, 2022

      Kagan Stern Partner, Stephen Stern, frequently speaks on a variety of topics to business groups.  In October, he had the privilege of addressing two different business groups, one live and one at a virtual event where he discussed multiple legal issues.

     On October 10, 2022, Mr. Stern gave a presentation at the Maryland SHRM State Conference entitled, “Unfair Competition:  What HR Needs to Know About Noncompete Agreements and Protecting Trade Secrets.”  This presentation identified strategic and legal issues to consider when implementing noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements, including definitions of particular terms, identifying legitimate protectable business interests, multi-jurisdictional considerations, as well as steps businesses should take to identify and help protect their trade secrets, among other issues.

     On October 19, 2022, Mr. Stern gave a virtual presentation for the National Business Institute entitled, “Maryland Civil Practice, Procedure, and Forms.”  Mr. Stern’s presentations addressed numerous procedural issues and considerations for lawyers and clients when litigating commercial and other civil disputes in Maryland Circuit Courts.